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We are our own jailers who possess our own keys.

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

By the time we have reached adulthood we have layers of loss, hurt and disappointments. While living to sets of rules and expectations shaped by others and society telling us if we are good or bad, right or wrong, shameful or perfect. We may not have felt free to follow our own internal beliefs, desires and dreams.

It can leave emotional scars, fears, sadness and a fractured sense of self. That somehow life dealt a bad set of cards, that trusting others isn't safe, relationships are hurtful and always fail, that there's something wrong with you and this harsh world we live in. Leaving you locked in an invisible prison made of helplessness, sadness and fears that feel as if there's no choices available or way out of the darkness.

The most powerful key we possess to freedom is choice, even when we feel that life has taken this all away, that we are stuck in experiences so bad so desolate that nothing can free us from our misery. Choices come with personal responsibility, facing parts of ourselves we may feel ashamed of, letting go of beliefs or relationship that no longer serve us in a healthy way, or facing painful injustices that may have been inflicted by others that still keep us locked away from living the life we deserve.

This is by no means easy, but as the keepers of our keys there is always a choice in taking positive steps to changing our ways of thinking, relating and knowing there's light at the start of each new day. There's a choice to seek support in friends or counselling can be a good place to start, but knowing one exists is the biggest freedom of all.

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