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One to one therapy offers a safe, supportive, confidential way to express your innermost private thoughts and feelings. Sometimes usual routes of confiding with friends or family can feel as if they may not be able to handle or understand what your going through, potentially  offering their own views or feelings and even passing judgement.  This can only result in closing a person down, creating feelings of loneliness and isolation. Being truly heard and received within the therapeutic relationship, alongside an ability to manage my own emotions while holding yours, is something I have experienced as being a key component in the uniqueness  and success of individual therapy supporting your desire for growth or inner peace


Group therapy's success is gained from the connection of sharing something difficult, painful, or hidden with others who can understand and connect through their own similar experiences.  It can dissolve feelings of being isolated in your experience and encourage people to be more open as the group works together as a whole towards personal growth and finding inner peace.  Group therapy is provided by using the ethics and principles of safety, trust, confidentiality that individual therapy has, held by myself as the facilitating therapist and by contracting within the group as a whole.


I provide informative talks and presentations for schools, supportive care services and professional settings on mental wellbeing, understanding and working with anger, anxiety, depression and low self esteem. Building awareness is key in creating positive growth and resilience.

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